Judo’s Sunday Sizzlers

Judo had a fantastic day yesterday. And she wanted everyone to know!

She’s been with me only a few days now and I’ll post more photos of her as soon as I’ve time. In the meantime she wanted me to let everyone know how adventurous she’s been.

She started the day barking at the cats, of course *bark* *bark* And having a run in the garden. And eating ALL her breakfast (Judo’s emaciated, she’s been stray for a while and needs to build herself up a bit before she can look for her forever home – though if anyone’s interested, do get in touch – she’d love to hear from you!).

Then we all piled in the van and headed off to Dan Shehan’s pub in Srelane. There’s a crowd of us animalwelfarites that meet regularly for meals, catch up, strategy, support and general pleasure in each other’s company. We’re called AWESOME. And Judo joined our ranks for Sunday lunch. And ate ALL her lunch!

We then piled back in the van and went to visit a friend of mine. Who also piled in the van and came back with us to end the evening with The Chain Gang, a rather fantastic group of three men who … wait for it, wait for it … took ALL their clothes off!!! Several times!!!!! Judo wasn’t too sure about that. But they thought she was such a lovely dog they didn’t charge her to get her photo taken with them. The photo’s not great, but she thought they smelt wonderful! [Ed’s note: *groan*]

Judo ate ALL her dinner. And had a very, very good night’s sleep after all the excitement.


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