More Judo

I introduced Judo a few days ago but haven’t had time to post many pics. Here are a few to be getting on with. You’ll see how skinny she is 🙁 And how full of beans! :))))

Judo’s a real sweetie, with a few qwirks – she seems to be a female who marks, she lurvs barking at cats and she takes a while to settle. You’d think she’d do a lot of sleeping to gain strength – Jen advised me NOT to walk her too much until she puts on a bit of weight – but Judo just Doesn’t Stop! The first night I had her I swear she walked and walked and walked from about 6 till 10.30, when she finally settled on my lap. This was partly cos she was fascinated by the cats, who taunted her from the stairs, and possibly partly nerves in a new environment.

She can’t be vaccinated till she’s put on a bit of weight and condition but will be looking for her forever home soon. Do get in touch if you’re interested!


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