Jack wandered into Bantry House grounds in April 2011, looking for food and attention. Strayed or dumped, he was delighted to find safety with us. See him pictured here, happy and content after a full meal at our fosterers.

Jack’s Story


Kate, from Bantry House, called us on Monday 11th April – a wee kitten had turned up in their gardens the day before, could we help. We don’t really have the funds to take in rescue kittens but we couldn’t say no. And it’s always nice to visit Bantry House!

So I duly popped up to find the friendliest wee thing hanging out of Kate’s arms. Jack’s around twelve to fourteen weeks old (we originally thought six to eight months but he’s small for his age), white and black, neutered – and obviously once much loved. He looks like he’s been trying to look after himself for a wee while – skinny as anything, his white is grey and his tail is the brown of malnourishment, rather than the jet black it should be. And his tail has a wee kink in it at the tip – perhaps it’s been caught in a door at some point? We may never know. And he is bombproof – not phased by anything, delighted by any attention, interested in new environments (no fear factor) – a total delight.

So, although I’d normally assume he was dumped, the fact that he’s neutered and superfriendly makes me wonder if he’s strayed or had a wee road trip by accident. So we’re going to advertise him as lost before we look for a home for him (though anyone interested should get in touch, just in case!).

He’s being fostered by Jenny and Trinity for a few days and then will come and hang out with me till we sort him out to his old home … or his new one. Trinity decided his name was Jack – so Jack he is.

If you’ve lost a kitten matching this description, do email or call on 086 844 3244. Likewise, do get in touch if you’d like to adopt the wee fella.

Vet Visit

Jack and I headed down to the vets on Wednesday and it seems he’s a small 12-14 month old (rather than the 8 month old we first thought). He’s in good nick apart from being undernourished and he has burn on his hind paws. This could mean he’s been in a car engine – so he could be a distance from home.

He’s settled into mine without a bother and is a charming, affectionate wee thing – no fear, just curiosity and snuggles – he’s definitely had a loving home and is not used to looking after himself. He’s most likely been missing for one to four weeks, though it’s always possible he’s been missing longer.

If he was microchipped (which he’s not!) we could have found his home on Wednesday. He’s a really good example of why it’s so important to microchip your animal companions. He could be home by now.

And I’m feeling for him for what he’s just been through. Obviously much loved and cared for, he found himself alone in a strange environment. He’s probably got little idea how to fend for himself. Bantry Gardens must have given him such hope! All these people picking him up and saying how adorable he is! Hurrah! Yes, yes, I like you humans too, and all the affection, but would you ever please feed me! Poor wee mite. He’s grand now and has put on weight and condition already (another indicator that he’s not been lost long).

If he sounds like your missing kitten, or a kitten you know, please do get in touch with us on 086 109 8542 or email me. We can only hold him for a couple of weeks and then we’ll start looking for a home for him. We’ve vaccinated him, and we’ll be microchipping him so there will be a fee for his return equivalent to what we’ve spent.

Seeking A Loving Home

*** HOMED ***

Well, sadly there’s been no response to Jack’s ‘Lost’ postings and there’s no sign of anyone looking for him. I find it hard to believe he isn’t lost rather than dumped, but you never know these days. He’s settled into mine grand out, has the run of the place and has been the easiest foster I’ve had in a long time – perhaps ever! He’s not afraid of anything, is gentle as a lamb, affectionate, playful, soft as butter, perfectly house trained … a dream kitten – though I confess his table manners could do with a bit of refinement.

With no sign of anyone looking for him, and the predominance of people discarding their animal companions like so much unwanted baggage these days, we have to assume he’s abandoned and start looking for a real forever home for him. I don’t think we’ll have much trouble! But I’ll be sorry to see him go.

If you lose your animal companion there’s lots you can do to find them again:

  • Microchip and collar with tag before they get lost – if Jack had been microchipped he’d be home by now
  • Neuter – neutered animals are much less likely to roam. They’re also less likely to get involved in fights that might injure them to the extent they can’t get home.
  • Call the guards and report your friend missing. Call all your local vet surgeries and do the same.
  • Put up posters and flyer your neighbourhood. Include pictures, despcription, distinguishing marks, gender, etc. Display the posters in your local vets, supermarket, pet shop, etc
  • Post your friend on lost and found sites like Munster Lost & FoundLost & Found Pets Ireland and Irish Animal Shelters Lost & Found Pets Page
  • The internet is full of useful information – search it for other ways to find your friend
  • Don’t give up!

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