Estimating Kittens’ Ages

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Adapted for Ireland from Alley Cat Allies.

How to Estimate Kitten Age

Alley Cat Allies have excellent kitten progression photos, much more detailed than my notes here - check em out!

Weight Guide

Kittens are usually around 100g when born and should put on about 100g a week, eg. a two-week-old kitten should weigh around 300g. These estimates can give you a rough guide to the age of your kittens. Do note that these are estimates only and are only intended as a rough guide - kittens from the same litter can differ by 100g or more depending on a number of factors; and a poor diet, or ill health, early on can stunt growth.

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~100-200g Newly born to one week: Eyes are shut, ears are folded down and kittens are unable to walk. They can purr and make tiny noises. The umbilical cord may still be visible.  easter-eggs-day-4-march-2012-43
~200-300g One to two weeks: Eyes start to open (they are blue) and focus. Ears begin to open and movement is improved to crawling, snuggling, and kneading.  09-easter-eggs-day-12-2012-36-36
~400g Three weeks: Eyes fully open and ears are open and standing up. The kitten will start to respond to noises and movement. The first wobbly steps are taken and baby teeth start to come in.  19-easter-eggs-day-19-2012-4
~500-600g Four to Five weeks: Running, playing, digging, and pouncing occur often. Kittens will start to wean and will be able to lap up formula, eat soft food and use the litter box by themselves. Eyes have fully changed from blue to their adult color (though note this can take up to six or seven weeks).
~900g Eight weeks: Kittens look like little versions of full grown cats.  The Gang

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Part of Ireland's TNR Manual

How to Help Community Cats

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