1. I have caring for feral cats at my rural home for over 8 years. Countless TNR and most have died in road accidents over the years. Some just disappeared.
    2 originals remain and sadly….we have no choice but to relocate 200km away.
    The 2 remaining cats have become dependent on us for food and also use feral cats shelters we provide outdoors. The female occasionally will wander into the house but the tom acts like a trapped fox if he ever does come in….very anxious and banging into windows until he finds an exit.
    I can’t leave them here. I can’t say to new owners that they must care for them.
    I feel like I must trap them again and bring them with us but just not sure how they would cope locked in a shed for weeks on end?
    What to do?
    Any advice or positive relocation stories helpful!

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