Fostering For Animal Advocacy

Please read and refer to our Foster Care webpages. Our information is provided to all foster homes in order to assist with common questions or concerns. Should you have questions while an Animal Advocacy animal is in your care, please get in touch with us immediately.

The animals in our care are ‘property’ of Animal Advocacy and therefore we are accountable for those animals. We ask that foster homes respect our goals, procedures and protocols. Also understand that when you provide a foster opportunity for an Animal Advocacy animal, the animal is still legally under Animal Advocacy supervision. This means that all foster animals MUST be returned to Animal Advocacy upon request.

Our downloadable Foster Care Agreement, which must be completed and signed by all fosterers, is available here (.pdf).

Foster Care Protocols

Major Objective

To provide a nurturing environment in your home where animals receive the care they need to grow, heal and/or socialise in order to improve their chances of finding a new, loving home.

Foster Family Responsibilities

  • Feed, socialise and groom animals in your home.
  • Ensure the safety of the foster animals in your care.
    • Cats and kittens need to be kept indoors. Dogs must only be allowed outdoors on a leash or in an enclosed outside area. BSL dogs must be muzzled in public – whether you agree with it or not, adhere to legislation – and Be Legal!
  • Isolate foster animals from your own companion animals, unless discussed previously
  • Ensure that your own companion animals are fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered.
  • This is possibly the most important responsibility you will undertake – we have had non-compliance in this area in the past, to the detriment of the foster animals. It is very important that you comply. Observe and report any problems/concerns to Animal Advocacy immediately:
    • Do not worry that your concern is inconsequential – get in touch with us as soon as you have a query and let us decide – we’d rather have lots of inconsequential queries than miss one query that could save a life. This includes issues around medical treatment, feeding, general and specific health concerns, mood, interaction, play, appearance, etc.
    • If you are having trouble medicating your fosteree; if you are worried about any health or behavioural issues; if your fosteree’s health takes a turn for the worse, even if minor; if you are unsure about any aspect of caring for your fosteree – Let Us Know Immediately!
    • If you are fostering kittens or puppies, weigh them twice daily and chart their progress. If any baby does not put on weight, or loses weight, in three consecutive weighs or within two days (whichever is soonest) – Let Us Know Immediately!
  • Consult Animal Advocacy before seeking medical attention for your foster animal except in the case of an emergency (Animal Advocacy will reimburse you for pre-arranged expenses).
  • Return the animal(s) to Animal Advocacy at the appropriate time, or upon request.
  • Support the Animal Advocacy philosophies and policies, and comply with the Animal Advocacy adoption process.
    • All potential adopters and their homes must be checked and okayed by Animal Advocacy. You must not adopt out one of your fosterees without Animal Advocacy’s direct involvement.
    • If you wish to adopt one or more of your fosterees please accept you will be treated in the same way as any other adopter, requiring a home check, adoption form completion and a donation.
  • Represent Animal Advocacy in a responsible manner.

Animal Advocacy Responsibilities

  • Supply food, litter and other miscellaneous animal supplies, if necessary.
  • Train foster families in all areas of fostering.
  • Reimburse foster families for pre-arranged medical expenses.
  • Take the foster animal back at any time, for any reason.
  • Consult with foster homes on any issues or concerns as soon as possible from notification.
  • Choose the appropriate animal for the foster home.

Foster Care Agreement

I, as the fosterer of this companion animal, agree to the following conditions:

  • I undertake the foster care of this animal and am aware of the time and costs involved (only preapproved costs will be reimbursed by Animal Advocacy).
  • I agree that the animal is being fostered by myself on behalf of Animal Advocacy, and will not, under any circumstances:
    • be sold, adopted or given to another party by me; be used for breeding purposes; be fostered out to someone else without Animal Advocacy’s prior approval.
  • I agree to care for the animal in a humane manner, be a responsible animal fosterer and do all that is necessary to maintain the sound health and fitness of the animal. This includes:
    • providing proper food, water, shelter (including outdoor shelter and shade where appropriate), exercise and affection; obtaining adequate and professional advice through Animal Advocacy if I have any issues with my foster animal; keeping a collar, with identification tag, on my foster animal at all times; microchipping my foster animal; never abusing or neglecting the animal.
  • If the animal needs medical treatment while in my care I agree to consult Animal Advocacy and take the animal to the agreed Animal Advocacy approved veterinary clinic. Such treatment includes:
    • spaying/neutering at the appropriate time (no later than 4-5 months of age or as agreed with Animal Advocacy); vaccinating at the appropriate time (8 weeks or as soon as healthy enough); microchipping; veterinary care as appropriate;
  • I authorise Animal Advocacy or their agents to have reasonable visitation rights to my home, to ensure that the animal is being properly treated and cared for. If Animal Advocacy or any of its representatives shall so demand, I agree to return the animal to the group immediately on request, and reimburse any expenses incurred in bringing the animal back to full health.
  • If for any reason I can no longer foster the animal, I will notify Animal Advocacy immediately. I will not request a fee, or expenses, and will supply a medical history, vaccination certificate, health certificate and a behavioural history.
  • I understand Animal Advocacy cannot accept any other rescue animals I may come across and that I cannot accept any animals into Animal Advocacy without prior approval.
  • I confirm that neither myself nor anyone in my household have never been cited by police or health officials for an animal related problem.
  • I agree to keep Animal Advocacy informed of my current home address, phone number and email.
  • No Liability: You are not liable to us for any injuries to, illness, or disappearance of the animals arising out of the Foster Care, except if such injuries, illness, or disappearance are caused by or arise out of your gross negligence or intentional misconduct. Animal Advocacy are not liable for any bodily injury or property damage, losses or injuries whatsoever to you or other persons, or to your or another person’s pets, caused by the actions, behaviour, or health of the animals, or arising out of the Foster Care, except if such damage, losses or injuries are caused by our gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

I have read and understand the above terms of this agreement and agree to all of them. I agree to consult with an Animal Advocacy representative before seeking medical attention for my foster animal(s). I agree to follow adoption protocols for my animal(s). I understand that any failure to abide by the terms of this Foster Agreement will constitute a breach of contract. In that event, Animal Advocacy reserves the right to reclaim the animal immediately.


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