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Part of Ireland's TNR Manual

How to Help Community Cats

Companion animals have a hard time in Ireland.


There’s lots to think about when you’re considering adoption

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These pages will introduce you to what is required by a foster carer, and what can be expected from the experience

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The Community Cat

Find out more about feral and community cats here

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Kitten Mortality

It’s estimated over 300,000 kittens are born in Ireland every year - 180,000 kittens die before they are 4 months old

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The Socialised Cat

How to socialise and care for feral kittens, how to raise neonatal kittens and also how to find homes for any kitten or cat ready for adoption

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Health & Wellness

A summary of what we’ve learned about the particular diseases we’ve come across. And a few interesting links.

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[Updated 1/3/15 with 2013 stats]

Over 300,000 kittens are born in Ireland every year. Of those 180,000 kittens die before they are 4 months old. What kills these kittens in Ireland? Hunger, disease, exposure and people (see Kitten Mortality for more information). There are no statistics for how many felines are killed in shelters. (Estimates from ANVIL Ireland.)

We do know that an average of ten dogs were killed every day in Irish pounds in 2013. And an average of 169 dogs a week, 24 a day, were abandoned by their guardians, mostly surrendered, unwanted companion animals. The Department of Agriculture stats indicate that these figures have been decreasing since 2005, but it's not because we are solving the problem - it is because rescue centres and dedicated individuals are getting to these dogs before they are destroyed. This is not a solution, it is a band-aid over a broken leg. (Stats from Environ.)

The problems for are overpopulation, inadequate legislation, inadequate enforcement of legislation and lack of human responsibility.

The solutions are TNR, Neutering, Decent Legislation, Enforcement of that Legislation, Responsible Pet Ownership & Individual Responsibility - a public that acts responsibly towards the non-human animals it shares this planet with.

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Part of Ireland's TNR Manual

How to Help Community Cats


  1. I am the devoted owner (slave) of 5 cats; 2 feral white ones found abandoned as tiny kittens, 2 neglected ‘barn kittens’, and 1 previously neutered abandoned adult. They all took a while to trust that they really had a home and would be fed and cared for. These are all Beara cats and all delightful companions to me and to each other.
    Keep up your wonderful work!
    All best wishes, Sophia

    • Thank you so much Sophia! It’s great to hear your adopted family are safe with you. I’ve had two very shy young adults come in to me last year – and they’re so friendly now – I think they still can’t quite believe their luck.

      I was up in the Beara recently for KLAWS at the Community School for their Animal Rights project – thinking that may be how you found my site but, if not, the story’s here:

      Thanks for writing – it does my heart good to hear from folk like yourself 🙂

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