Click through and fill in the form to tell government why they need to trash this archaic, misinformed and unfair law. I’ll post an example form later for anyone unsure what to say.

BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is wrong. Here’s why:

Safety: Over 40 years of scientific research has found no difference between dog breeds with respect to likelihood to bite, aggression or potential inflicted injury.

Animal Welfare: Banned breeds are often needlessly killed, detained and generally discriminated against. An average of ten dogs are killed every day in Ireland – how many of them are restricted breeds?

Financial: Through implementing the Control of Dogs Act, the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government are running at a loss of €1,582,563.66 per year – and spending €5,361,920.91 of tax payer’s money in the process.

Training/Socialisation: Restricted breeds are hampered from correct socialisation and training due to the restrictions. Unnecessary muzzling of a dog has a dramatic impact on its ability to socialise.

Dog Breed Identification: Unless each dog warden is conducting DNA tests on each dog they wish to identify, it is virtually impossible to correctly identify the dog breed. (This is the clincher for me – see more info in the BSL info link below.)

Roles in Society: A number of the breeds legislated against in Ireland are hailed worldwide as the most effective therapy dogs in the world.

Tourism: Ireland is frequently reviewed as being among one of the worst countries in the world to travel to with a canine companion and, as a result, the Irish economy is losing millions each year through lost canine tourism.

Info on BSL here. (Note – Unmuzzle Ireland links no longer work )

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