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*** REHOMED ***

Lil InkStop came to us from RAWR. TNRing near Ballydehob they’d been told there were three litters of kittens – when Jennifer got there, there was only one kitten left.

“The dog must have got all the others,” she was told, with a shrug.

So, although kittens are usually left in their colony and neutered when they’re old enough, Jen couldn’t help but take the tiny wee black baby away with her. So small he looked like a full stop – hence his name. He was around three weeks old, fluey and full of worms. Now he’s healthy as anything, parasite free, full of beans, had his first vaccination and is still a tiny wee scrap.

We brought him out to Barbara’s to meet Dash and his mum, Ana. Dash is seven weeks now, two weeks younger than InkSpot – but looks two weeks older. An indication of the harsh start in life InkSpot experienced. Despite this, Inkspot’s a healthy wee thing now, delighted to make a new friend in Dash and ready to grow big and strong.

These two are looking for a home together, but can be homed separately so long as they’ll be in the company of other animals – they love cat company! And they love human company too – affectionate and playful, they’ll be a great addition to any family. Get in touch if you’d like to meet these terrific wee guys.



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