Inky’s Looking Good!

Inky’s been with me for three months now – how’d that happen? She’s hoping to travel to London to be with her long-lost family, but my UK trips have been postponed for a few months, so she’s staying with me in the meantime. I’m sure you’ll remember her story (if not, check the links below) – arriving as a tattered auld thing from Dunmanway.

She’s made such great progress I thought I’d show ye her latest photos. Don’t get me wrong – she’s always going to be half-blind, half-deaf and doddery – that’s what auld age has done to her. But her coat is lovely and soft now (tho still needing to grow back fully from where we cut out the matts) and she’s very alert and interactive in comparison to when she first arrived (when all she did was sleep!). She often naps upstairs and, when she wakes she gives out the most attention-grabbing MIAOW – calling for me to pop upstairs and fetch her down for a snorgle. She’s quite capable of coming downstairs herself these days – but she does like to let me know she’s looking for me, and I can hardly ignore that miaow.

She’s a lovely auld girl and I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing space with her.

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