Indifference Strikes Again

WARNING! Disturbing Image.

Yesterday afternoon several people told me of a wee, dead, runover dog up by the Maritime, just at Bantry House’s back gates. When I went over to check I found the wee thing, looking like he’d been perfectly healthy before his encounter with a car, lying on the pavement. A green collar with no tag round his little neck, there was nothing anyone could do for him at this stage.

I found out he’d been running round Bantry square all morning, following people, looking for a friend. Most likely dumped, possibly strayed, this wee one spent all morning happily trying to find someone to help him. By 1pm he was dead. He lasted a morning looking after himself. And no-one stopped to help him or do anything about him until it was too late.

The blame lies, of course, with the guardian who dumped him, or let him run free. But it doesn’t stop there. It lies with the person who ran him over, and didn’t care to stop to see the damage he or she had done, or report the incident. And it lies with every person who saw that wee dog and did nothing to help him. It wouldn’t have taken any time to drop him into the garda station (right by the market square) or one of the local vets, less time to call the dog warden and report the wee stray. But nobody bothered. And because of all of you and your apathy and lack of care, lack of responsibility, just plain lack, a wee happy dog isn’t ever going to share his happiness again.

No tag on his collar, no microchip, his guardian can’t be found and informed.

It is a legal requirement to collar and tag your dog – with penalties, fines and a potential prison sentence if you don’t. It is illegal to let your dog roam free, again, with penalties, fines and a potential prison sentence if you don’t.

If you see a stray dog call your local dog warden and your local guards to let them know. Even better, take the dog to your local garda station or vets. It’s the dog warden’s responsibility to deal with strays – but he’s not always immediately available. So make the guards take note of the dog’s description, when and where they were found and your contact details – some of them think it’s not their job – but it is.

If you see a stray dog in Bantry:

  • Call the guards: 027 20860
  • Call the dog warden:  087 822 6784
  • Call me: 085 219 6229

If you don’t, no-one else will.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  1. Indifference strikes again! Society has groomed us well on the path to destruction. Life is disposal & cheap. Nobody has social responsibility – just something for nothing. We don’t know our neighbors let alone their pets. Social Darwinism is the 21 century model of progress?

    • Thanks for your comment dale – I can’t help but agree with you 🙁 Mix Capitalism in with Social Darwinism – money the driving force, not compassion & care. So many people don’t realise the most important things in life aren’t ‘things’.

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