Help Find Budsie!

Please *share* and spread the word locally – Bantry, West Cork and surrounds.

9/4/14 Update: We’ve had no sightings since the last appeal. Original post follows:

‘Budsy’, a black and brown coloured Collie Dog went missing on the 27th March from Inchiclough, Mealagh Valley, just outside Bantry. He answers to the name of’ ‘Budsy’ but is shy and may run away if approached.

He was seen in Bantry town on the afternoon of Saturday April 5th. He headed in down the Glengarriff Rd but disappeared before the square. He may have wandered outside Bantry again, or he may have found a safe space in the town somewhere. Folk in and around Bantry PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for this stray collie. Reward for his safe return. Phone 087 165 1749 with sightings. If you can manage to get him to stay with you that would also be great as his people are fifteen minutes out of town. They are desperate to get him back.

Just to repeat – Phone 087 165 1749 if you see this lost soul. Thx!!!

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