Happy World Animal Day!

To celebrate #WorldSmileDay and#WorldAnimalWeek we originally planned to share three of our smiles a day for seven days (see our original post Sharing the Animal Welfare Warmths). Thinking about it we’ve decided to spread our smiles across the coming months. We’re inviting you to share the smiles – either ours or your own. Or both!

With today being World Animal Day it seems especially important to highlight what we can do for the animals and the solutions available, rather than focussing on the problems.

So, here goes day two:

1) Smile number one came when I was trying to think of a photo to use with this post – and remembered Arullo! Needless to say, this photo always makes me smile – a very happy, photogenic kitten, and another happy ending. His name always makes me smile too – it means purr in Spanish – and lullaby … and cooing! Read Arrullo’s story here.

The solutions that go hand in paw with Arrullo’s story are to neuter, TNR (especially Targetted Trapping) and Adopt Don’t Shop! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out the related links and change an animal’s life for the better!

2) Smile number two happened on Unmuzzle Ireland‘s FB page. I’d popped over there to share a link I thought they might be interested in (No Bull by Jeff Therman). Unmuzzle Ireland is the official petition account for the removal of Breed Specific Legislation (Control of Dogs in Act) in Ireland. Here’s what I saw on their page that made me smile:

11500 petition signatures to end breed specific regulations, and to make every dog owner accountable for their dogs behaviour irrespective of breed.

Was told when this started it wouldn’t get 10 signatures and that no one cares….

And I carried on smiling as I remembered the I Am the Majority campaign and our picture, which I’ve included here. Smiling even more remembering my various foster dogs, and these guys in particular – all restricted breeds – Chasm, Ziva, SpyrosLexington and Maple.

Why not bring a smile to your own face and be part of the movement – sign the petition to repeal and replace the Control of Dogs Act Regulations 1998 with better legislation – it’s an excellent, well thought out and backed up petition – your signature won’t be wasted! Sign here!!!

3) Smile number three – I am smiling grimly as I realise I actually don’t have time to do three smiles a day with all the information attached – so am defo going to do this less frequently. And why don’t I have time? Wee lost JRT turned up in the square while I was writing this. So this bullet is a smile-in-advance – I’ll be smiling when we find her home – which would have been Already if someone had bothered putting a sodding tag or microchip on the poor wee thing. Consider this a strained smile.

[Update: Roxy had a microchip! Her guardian’s picking her up from the vets tomorrow. Good thing Jen was in town or it would have been Monday before the chip was checked – which is why a tag is also important. Big smiles all round now for sure!]

Before you lose your companion, would ye ever microchip? And if you do lose them, do something about it immediately – don’t wait a few days – if she’s taken in by the dog warden you only have five days to reclaim her or ownership reverts to the pound – and in some counties, that means death. Find out what to do if she strays here.


And I can’t end without nominating some organisations to participate in the smiles, so … As I said yesterday, I know everyone involved in animal welfare is busy – but I’m hoping y’all think it’s worth finding a bit of time each day to share the positivity of the work we do – and to celebrate both World Smile Day AND World Animal Week. I nominate Unmuzzle Ireland, Feral Cats Ireland and Alley Cat Allies – no pressure guys, thinking this is a great way to publicise the Good Stuff. Hope ye like the idea and can find the time!!!

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