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Norman, Dana & Maurice

Just a wee uplifting update – I’ve had a few photos in from rehomed fosters and thought I’d put them all here, in the same place, to show happy animals, Forever Homes Found. For me it’s always great to be kept updated. No matter how brief the stay, it’s nerve wracking dropping an animal off in his/her new home – so it’s a pleasure to hear how the rescues are settling and getting on.

And so, please find the following brief updates on Norman/Harry, Midnight/Maurice, Dana & Janine/Holly & Ivy and lil Maggie for your delectation – and my delight.


Norman, now Harry, was rehomed with the parents of an animal welfare friend of mine just over a year ago. This means I get updates from time to time – which is great!



I knew Maurice‘s new home was going to be fantastic before I even got there – Sharon had adopted a similar floofy cat from Cork CAT previously and had kept in touch. And to celebrate the new addition to her family, Sharon very, very kindly donated not one, but TWO gingerbread cat trees (see pic below) – one to Cork CAT who put me in touch with her, and one to KLAWS Kerry who had taken Midnight in. Sharon runs Omnomnomandgone (FB) – cakes made to order – and man they look FAB!


Dana & Janine/Holly & Ivy

At the end of 2013 we were waiting with bated breath to hear how Dana & Janine got on in their trial week. I was a wee bit nervous because they’re a very shy pair of sisters and I wasn’t sure if they’d make the effort to ingratiate themselves. But their new family were used to shy cats and well willing to put the effort in to make them feel at home and I was particularly delighted to hear they passed their trial week (now, do I mean the kittens or their family I wonder … maybe both!)

Renamed, rather appropriately, Holly & Ivy here’s a pic of their first Christmas in their new home.



I’m so pleased with Maggie‘s new home I can’t express. Her trial week went really well and she decided to stay. I love the feedback Joe (one of her new humans) sent me, so thought I’d include some:

She’s doing great and to say that she’s cute is an understatement. It must have been a wrench, for you, to part with her affectionate ways, her curling up on beds and her immediate purrs.

This morning she came face to face with Molly and, hats off to the canine, she played it cool and restrained any urge to chase. Maggie, for her part, produced the obligatory arched back but stood her ground. All in all, I thought that it went very well.


Can it really be two weeks since Maggie arrived? Seems hardly a few days since that tiny black & white fur-ball streaked for cover behind the sofa.

Much has happened since and can you actually believe that I saw her sitting in the porch alongside Molly this morning? That cat has no fear! 🙂


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