Happy Endings

A Happy Ending! You  might remember Gasket, an auld girl who joined us back in February, found in a car engine in Dunmanway? We’ve spectacular news – she’s going home!

Gasket was microchipped!!! It’s the first time a rescue cat that’s come to me has been chipped – and it’s such a rush to know they’ve got a home to go to and someone is missing them. Microchips are Fantastic!

Gasket’s real name is Inky and we’re not quite sure how long she’s been stray. Although the primary guardian’s number was no longer in service, the third party number was still valid (remember to keep your companions microchip details up to date!). Inky had grown up with a family in Waterford. Three sisters had grown up with her. When they’d moved to London, Inky had moved in with an uncle. The uncle died and she was passed to a cousin, and we don’t know what happened to her since then. The sisters were delighted to know that Inky was with me – they’re going to meet me at New Start on my next UK trip – and take Inky home to live out the rest of her days in comfort.

The whole thing fair lifted my heart, particularly the delight of Inky’s family at hearing from me. Here’s a wee snippet from Charlotte’s emails, including some of Inky’s history:

I cannot explain the euphoria I am experiencing after finding out she is still alive! It’s an absolute miracle. I cannot thank you enough for contacting us about her and letting us know she is ok. We are all in complete shock as she was a very important part of our childhood and teenage-hood.

She seriously must be about 15 years old at this stage! I myself am nearly 23 and I’ve asked my mum, who is also in shock about her being alive and well (seeing as she is the one who microchipped her!), and she got Inky, and her brother Puffball who sadly died since, for us when they were about a month old we think, when I was about 7 or 8 years old! They were actually stray cats found by a UCC college student, a girl from Cork who found that this mother cat had turned up at her door at Christmas time with a litter of kittens! Inky’s trademark move was her headbutting, Izzy, Olivia and I have had a great laugh about the fact that she still does it!

We also once took in a kitten we found in the engine of our jeep back then, 10 odd years ago, so it is a little ironic that Inky was found in one! They must like the warmth.

Absolutely, you can put the emails on the website and let people know how important it is to microchip, mum had all our pets microchipped and it is definitely worthwhile, especially after this!

I’d a wee tear in my eye I have to say.


Well, a rescue story’s no good without a few morals. And the ones here are fairly obvious:

  • Microchip your companions. Do collar and tag them too – that allows for instant identification if they get lost. But collars can be lost too, so microchipping is the only sure-fire way of making sure your companions can be identified if they stray. Find out more about microchipping here.
  • Rescues, pounds and vets should always, always check for microchips – many don’t, partly because microchipping isn’t standard practice yet (let’s make it standard practice!), partly because some don’t have the equipment. Encourage your vets and rescues to microchip and check for microchips.
  • As Charlotte says, cats do find car engines lovely and warm – we’ve had several strays in with burns from their inadvertant transports – and have heard of several more who’ve died from the experience. If you’ve cats in your neighbourhood, bang on your hood before you set off on any journey to scare anyone who might be using your engine as a cooriehole. Be aware of the risk.

Video for Inky’s Girls

I’m not the best movie maker, but I put this together for Inky’s girls. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen her.

Inky has white skin and black fur – this means the fur near her skin is white, the top of it black (I’ve not seen this before). She looks a wee bit like a skunk in the video – we had to cut some matts from her back and that’s where the white stripe comes from. Her sight isn’t great and she’s a wee bit doddery (as you’ll see in the video). In some ways, that’s only to be expected from an older cat. It warms my heart to know she’s a loving home to go to in her old age.


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