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I am much indebted to Belinda Morgan of The Hairy Project for letting me post some of her Hairy Poems here. I spotted the Sharing poem yesterday and asked Bel for permission to share it – and she gave me even more! AND some fab photos from her Hairy House.

From Bel:

I have a page set up now called The Hairy Project. The project was set up in memory of my two dogs Pollydoodles and Beckyboo that I lost to Parvovirus last Feb after taking a pup from the Pound, the Poem was written for the Pup who is now called Penny and lives with us and the rest of the gang in The Hairy House.

The aim is to hold Auctions to raise funds for struggling Rescues and TNR projects and our first Auction in Feb to mark the girls anniversary, raised €1,850 for Dog Rescue Coolronan. There will be another Auction on 16th May for two fantastic TNR projects who also deal with Rescue and Rehoming and I encourage people who can Knit, Sew, Paint or make something to donate their creations to the Auction to help raise much needed money.

For many years I have been saying “when I win the Lottery I will start an Animal Sanctuary/Rescue” but I realized that I could actually be doing something to help those who are already doing so much while I was waiting on my Dream to come true!



by Belinda Morgan

Inspired by someone asking me why do I share so many sad photos and Posts, all my gang came from seeing photos on FB!

Someone shared a photo and I saw it

They may not even know they saved a life

One simple click and I was truly smitten

I wished to save this girl with all my might

So here she is today and I say Thank You

For I do not even know whose share it was

But it doesn’t really matter ’cause the point is

That your “sharing” had the power to save this dog!

Kitten Tale

by Belinda Morgan

I take all your stories with a pinch of salt

Some are disingenuous and I know it’s not your fault

You like to entertain me by keeping me amused

And I must say that it’s funny when I see you get confused

But Mammy I must tell you that I’ve been here once before

I’ve seen it all, heard stories tall of things you would deplore

I may look like a kitten but inside I am a cat

I’m wise beyond my little years you can be sure of that

I know I’ve landed on my feet in this here House of Hair

It’s good to feel the lovin’ and to know that you all care!

So off to bed we all must go, our spots we all will find

We pray that all God’s creatures will find someone to be kind …

My Teddy Bear

by Belinda Morgan

I love my little Teddy

He sleeps with me at night

I wrap my paws around him

And cuddle him so tight.

I tell him all my worries

And all my little fears

And when this world it makes me cry

He mops up all my tears.

He knows the world’s an unkind place

But says when I’m in bed

I’m not to dwell on cruelty

But lay my head instead.

He says that it’s impossible

To put the world to rights

And tomorrow is another day

When we can pick our fights.

So me & Ted will sleep now

And wish you all Goodnight

My Mam is shouting up the stairs

“Turn off that feckin’ light”

A Little Prayer

by Belinda Morgan

It’s hard to believe that a God could exist

When such cruelty, neglect and abuse still persists

Can our faith still endure when it’s tested the most

As we pray that Abusers in Hell they will Roast!

My eyes can’t take back what they’ve recently seen

I question the meaning of the words Human Being

I see so many Rescues being put to the Test

All of them strained and still doing their Best.

So tonight let us Pray in our own House of Hair

And our one Wish tonight with you all we will Share

That God will look down and will reach out his Hand

And Smite the Abusers wherever they Stand.

May all of the Creatures God made on this Earth

Tonight sleep in Peace with no Pain in their Heart

And may all of them know what it’s like to be loved

To be cared for and fed, to be kissed and be Hugged.

So Goodnight to you all from this Old House of Hair

We are counting our Blessings as we each climb a Stair

May your Dreams all be Sweet, may you all sleep in Peace

As we pray that One Day all this cruelty will Cease.

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