Greyhound Industry Facts

From Compassion for Irish Greyhounds (FB)

  • Greyhounds who are not fast enough for the track, or who incur injuries while racing, are no longer profitable. They are often killed while only a few years old. Some are shot.
  • Thousands of greyhounds go missing each year in Ireland.
  • Many greyhounds found dead have their ears cut off. Greyhounds are identified by a tattoo on the inside of the ear. This allows the owner to be traced.
  • The IGB (Irish Greyhound Board/Bord na gCon), a semi-state body responsible for the control and development of Greyhound racing in Ireland, does not record hown many dogs retire each year. “I can’t go into the numbers. Those figures are not available.”, said Barry Coleman, Welfare Manager, IGB. (Source: The Irish Times, 30th March 2012.)
  • Greyhounds, despite what many people have been led to believe, have a very affectionate and quiet disposition, and make excellent family pets. These dogs deserve to live the full extent of their lives, and to be treated with love and care.

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