Granny Weatherwax

Weatherwax is my new permanent resident. She appeared at another friend’s house, bedraggled and hungry. Brought in for a check, the vet reckons she could be ten years old, already neutered (so another needless operation – remember that microchip!), a slight wheeze in her chest but nothing to worry about, skanky, skinny, one eye is mostly black (maybe a bleed?) and she’s hardly any teeth left. And it turns out she’s FIV positive. Bit of a mess really. Just my kind of cat.

So, since I could do with a bit of colour in the house (all four current residents are various combinations of black and/or white), and cos she’s a darling, she’s currently residing in my bedroom with a view to staying permanently.

Ain’t she gorgeous? Kind of …

Granny’s Gallery


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