Glasgow Kiss

*** REHOMED ***

Maureen called last night to report a wee furrball hiding in the yard across from the stonemason’s in Bantry. Miaowing his wee heart out he was – but not coming anywhere near Maureen.

So I hopped out my bath, got dressed, and regretfully left my whiskey sour to see if I could help. Jen from RAWR agreed to take the tiny this morning (I’ve still FIE preventing me taking anything unvaccinated in) and Maureen would house him overnight.

We’d to catch him first of course. And that took a while, but not as long as I’d feared. Basically he’d run into the yard which was closed with a padlocked corrugated iron gate. It had a kitten-head-sized gap at the bottom and the tiny would pop his head or paw out for food, but not for long enough to get caught – sly wee thing. So we propped a covered hospital cage, with a delicious food trail from front to back, beside the gap and held the door ready to drop if he took the bait. We’d just about given up (he’d pop his lil paw out to pull food near him to his side of the gate, but was too scared to enter the cage), and Maureen had gone to fetch a ladder so we could pop over the wall and set a trap. And just as she got back … in he went. Love their timing!

So we hauled kitten and ladder back to Maureen’s so we could have a good look at him somewhere safe. Tiny wee ginger and white boy – just old enough to leave his mum (and the noise he made calling for her!). He’d dried muck on his head that we thought might be a head wound, might just be muck. So I gave that a clean – and as the muck came off it began to look like quite a wide wound. So I left it as is, thinking the muck was protecting it from infection till we could get him to Jenni. I popped a wee bit of Savlon on there, and we gave him food (which he wolfed down) and water and a litter tray and a warm cosy spot to see him through the night at Maureen’s.

GK, short for Glasgow Kiss, seemed a reasonable moniker, consider his poor wee head – and you should see the other guy! Stitch that!

He’ll be looking for his forever home soon – just needs cleaned up a wee bit first. He’s a tad scared, but purringly snorgalicious as soon as he’s handled. Safe now. Gorgeous boy, and a great addition to any family.

Get in touch with Jennifer on 085 774 3549 if you’d like to get to know GK better. He’s well worth a visit!

GK’s Arrival Gallery

WARNING: You may find GK’s head wound images disturbing.

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