Gibson Says Ohai!

Think it’s about time I introduced you to the latest arrival. Meet Gibson!

Gibson was surrendered to ARC (Animal Rescue Cobh) around 23rd April 2012. Sporting a fetching head tilt, a full set of balls and an FIV positive status, ARC were a bit worried about finding a home for this poor boy. And Samantha, evil woman that she is, posted their appeal on my page. How could I resist?

So Katie came down to Bantry on Saturday 5th May, just last week, with Gibson in tow. ARC’s vets hadn’t neutered him because they wanted to check out the severity of the head tilt first. It turns out Gibson got into a fight a couple of months ago and came back to his ‘guardians’ (and I use the term very loosely indeed) with said tilt. They didn’t bother taking him to a vet, of course. Why spend money on the cat they’ve had since a small kitten, loved while he grew into a dashing, affectionate house cat, chucked out with no house access after the human baby animal comes along, and pretty much forgotten about every since?

Gibson was eager to reside in a house again, so Katie brought him down and we settled him in. I’m keeping him separate from the rest of the residents for around ten days, so he knows this is home. And he’ll be released into the general population next Wednesday. I was originally thinking we’d get Gibson back on his feet and then look for a home for him – but with the head tilt in addition to the FIV I think he’ll probably stay.

He was neutered last Wednesday and the vets and I will be keepin and eye on the head tilt -hopefully it’ll improve with time. I’ll keep you posted!

Katie joined myself and Jennifer for lunch and we had a ball getting to know each other – don’t know where the time went! We’ve known of each other for years, since we all volunteered for another organisation, but never actually met – isn’t FB a fantastic thing??? New friends, new felines. All is well with the world!

Anyone interested in finding out more about FIV, check this excellent source of info.

NOTE: Gibson probably got FIV through fighting. It’s the most common way of transferring the virus – unneutered Toms fighting. Need I repeat myself? Neuter your companion animals!!!!

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