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Well, you may remember waaaaay back in May last year, we introduced you to Gibson, a charming special-needs tuxedo. We were thinking we might keep him here as he had a head tilt and was FIV positive. But we found a long-term foster home for him, with Carla, a Dutch friend of mine, as he really didn’t like sharing space with other cats – particularly in a household with a high turnover of felines due to fostering.

Nearly a year later, and Gibson’s head-tilt is much improved – and he’s looking for his forever home. He’ll need an indoor home, and someone who understands FIV – and he’ll repay his new people in spades with his devotion and gratitude!

Do get in touch if you think you could give Gibson the loving home he so rightly deserves.

Carla’s Story – Gibson’s Recovery

My much loved deaf cat Bliss got run over and I was a in bit of a ‘state’. A day or two later, my friend Muriel arrived with a Gibson. She reckoned that I shouldn’t be cat-less and the Gibson needed care – wise woman that Muriel.

Gibson was in a pretty bad state, his head much tilted (brain damaged), not much of an undercoat and very skinny. At Muriel’s he had to be kept separate from her gang because he did not get on with Gerry – another rescue cat staying with her.

What caused his head injury we will never know. What we do know is that he basically had to learn most things all over again, and that with a tilted head. Imagine, your eyes not next, but under each other, weird pictures, even if you remember what you are looking at.

As an example, something I will never forget; he had a path going from one room to another. I – cleaning – parked the vacuum cleaner in the middle of a 2 meter wide arch, enough space to walk around the obstacle. Not for Gibs, this was new. He sat down and studied the new situation for a while and decided to climb over the vacuum cleaner, not walking around it!

If you meet Gibson these days and don’t know his story, you see a lush handsome and loving cat with almost no head tilt left. I am so proud of him, but there are some traces left.

  • He can hear but cannot always pinpoint where the sound comes from.
  • He cannot eat from a normal cat bowl, though a soup plate or wide bowl works fine.
  • His left hind leg never quite fits under his body.
  • He is totally house trained but fails to cover his poo in the cat tray – he tries hard though.
  • He does not really jump but climbs.
  • In new surroundings he might have to study and learn some new things again.
  • If he is scared or does not understand things he might hiss.

Please, please don’t ever punish him, He really wants to please and do ‘right’, but does not always understand what you mean/want. I did shout at him once – and the panic in his eyes made my stomach turn! I found that ‘asking’ Gibs in a soft voice gets a quick result, and when he gets something right and is praised, he gets ridiculously happy, starts racing around ‘I got it, I got it’. The ‘nee’ word, even softly spoken is very effective.

With other cats Gibs thinks Attack is the best defence.

It is easy to forget where he came from, but some of the damage done will never totally heal.

Despite his disabilities, Gibson is a pleasure to spend time with – a most affectionate and loving feline, and a great companion!

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