Gerry came to me back in February this year from KLAWS Kerry, looking for his forever home. A month later my Joe died and I decided to have Gerry stay with me, rather than rehome him. A ‘guilty pleasure’ puss, as we say (usually I only keep unhomable felines, but I couldn’t resist Gerry). He’d settled in fine with the other cats and was getting on great.

But, nearly ten months later, it’s not working out for Gerry. It turns out he hates and despises other dominant male cats. In my high turnover house this is disastrous. We either have fur flying everywhere or Gerry disappears off into the distance, asking all the neighbours if he can move in because his homelife is intolerable. And they’re all saying no, unfortunately. Basically Gerry’s miserable, and he’s asked me not to take offense, but could he please find another home. So here he is.

Gerry’s a lovely guy. He does get on with other cats, just not dominant toms. He absolutely and utterly adores dogs – never seen anything like it. Trains em even (he had Judo, a yappy wee thing, eating out of his paw). So he’d very much like to be homed with a dog or two. Srsly.

Gerry is also FIV positive. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about FIV. It means he has a low immune system and, as he gets older, he may be more prone to picking up diseases. For now, he’s full of health. He could live for ten years, or only for two. Either way he’ll enjoy every minute – just so long as he’s not staying with me. Find out more about FIV here.

If you’re interested in adopting Gerry get in touch!

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