Free HUGs!

I’d a great few hours today, shaking a bucket for HUG (Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds) in Bantry town. Lovely bunch of people, great cause – and fabulous, gentle, friendly greys. Lots of people were interested to meet HUG’s greyhounds, to learn more about the situation for greyhounds in Ireland (not good) and the wonderful work HUG does to rescue and rehome greyhounds – mostly abused and discarded by the racing industry.

Greyhounds make fabulous companions – HUG have some great information on the breed here; and on greyhound welfare in Ireland here.

My favourite part of the day was offering free HUGs for every donation – they’d lovely wee stickers with ‘HUG’ on them that I could give out to fulfil my promise. I got, and gave, a fair few REAL hugs too!

2014 Statistics

The 2014 pound statistics are just out and show that 57% of greyhounds taken into pounds are killed. Shockingly, 4 pounds (Cork County, Galway City, Tipperary and Westmeath) kill more than 80% of those taken in. 8 pounds (the previous 4 plus Clare, Donegal, Fingal & Louth) kill 50% or more.

Note: Pounds who record taking in no greyhounds are not included in the picture.

But this isn’t the full picture – thousands of greys are ‘disappeared’ every year as a result of the racing industry – find out more from GRAI.

What You Can Do

As always, you can donate, fundraise, volunteer, neuter, adopt, etc, etc. Check out the organisations involved in greyhound rescue listed here – and check the internet – there’s plenty more!

Coming up next week, on Sunday June 21st, 1pm, Farmleigh, Castleknock, Phoenix Park, Dublin, there’s the 2015 Walk For Greyhounds – check out their event page and head along!!!

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