Flare & Raze on Vacation

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You might remember Flare & Raze’s story from last week – a lovely brother & sister pair looking for their forever home. Well, I had the pleasure of getting to know this pair better yesterday, when I took them for a wee holiday with their new foster Kate. They’re going to stay in her gorgeous hands and home for a couple of weeks until their boosters are due – or till their forever home’s found!

With their colouring, they looked absolutely Gorgeous in Kate’s rustic conservatory – and I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. They were a bit discombobulated at first, faced with a new environment. And then the dogs came in to say hi – and they weren’t quite sure what to make of that! But they’ve defo been around dogs before and were curious and attentive about them – so I’d say they’d be grand in a home with other animals.

They both had a sniff round the room and took turns hiding under the couch before exploring further. And by the time I left they were well settled in.

Kate is fostering Flare & Raze for RAWR. Do get in touch with me or RAWR if you think you’d like to get to know this doralicious pair better.

Come and join them exploring their new foster home and companions:

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