Flame Wants to Warm Your Heart!

Flame is a strapping tabby lad, brilliant character, who’s desperate to find a loving home he can take over. He’s looking for a human, or family, who love lots of affection from and enjoy a good conversation with their feline. He’s a confident, attentive boy who gets on with humans and cats alike and seems to be fazed by nothing. Flame’s around two to three years old, neutered and fully vaccinated.

Flame has one special need – he has suffered from gastroenteritis and needs a special diet, designed to combat/prevent gastroenteritis, in order to ensure his continuing good health. So he needs a guardian who is willing to ensure his diet is appropriate at all times. Flame gets on well with other cats but would have to be fed separately, which might be tricky, depending on the set up. Or he could easily be homed with other cats on the same diet as him. He’s currently on Royal Canin’s Gastro Intestinal Feline. And we’d be happy to put you in touch with his vet if you’d like more information.

Flame’s gastroenteritis was not diagnosed by his previous guardian – in fact, she brought him in to the vet to have him killed because of his diarrhoea. The vet pointed out that diagnosis would really be a first step, treatment a second – and Flame was lucky to end up with Kerry KLAWS. His diet keeps his gastroenteritis at bay and he’s a fine healthy guy with no toilet troubles that I’ve seen. I’ll be fostering him (and his friends Maggie & Sooty) for the next wee while and will keep ye posted.

Flame’s a total card – he stepped out his carry case as if he’d always lived here, said hi to Maggie & Sooty as if he’d known them all his life, checked everything was to his satisfaction, pulled faces for the cameras, chatted away to me the whole time … and settled in like he belonged. If you could find a place in your heart and home for this guy he’d make it well worth your while. Contact us if you’d like to meet him. He’s currently staying in Bantry, West Cork, but is happy to travel.

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