The First Adventurers Arrive

*** FANFARE ***

Announcing the arrival of four snorgalicious felines from KLAWS, come to us to prepare themselves for the daunting journey through the south of Ireland and across the ocean to New Start in Newent, UK.

Coming all the way over the mountain from Kenmare, through the dashing rain and howling wind on Friday afternoon, these brave lil adventurers have settled into mine over the weekend and are looking forward to meeting their fellow travellers over the next few days.

Let me introduce them:


Granville – Aged 5 years, Graville’s a big fluuuuuufffffffy lovable lump. He’s desperate for attention, rolls over at the drop of a hat and has the most fetching tiny ginger moustache ever. He needs a wee bit of a brush and detangle but will clean up Gorgeous. He seems to get on fine with the other cats, but is most interested in me, the human.

AndiAndi – A weeny four-to-seven-month old black and white girl, Andi’s another one who just loves lovins. Her coat is the softest imaginable and she twirls herself in delight when she’s petted. She’s keen to be friends with the other cats and keeps head bonking Granville. The other two are keeping their distance so far, but I reckon she’ll win them over. Charming.

PoekPoek – A young male, one-ish years old. He has the most beautimous tabby and white markings and you will drown in his meltilicious kohl-rimmed eyes. A lovely, healthy guy, he’d like attention but is unsure of the other cats. Gentle and sweet, he’ll be a lovely companion.


SnowySnowy – Snowy is a young girl, younger than a year but prob near to 7 or 8 months. She is, unsurprisingly from her name, an almost pure white cat, with a single grey dab on her crown. Snowy is deaf so would need an indoor home as she can’t hear traffic or anything else that might be a danger.



All four felines are fully vaccinated and neutered.

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