I’ve rescued a dog/cat/rabbit/other animal and need to find a home for it. Can you help me?

Of course we can help you! And congratulations for joining the ranks of the thousands of people in Ireland who rescue and rehome animals in need!

Firstly you’ll want to check the animal you’ve rescued hasn’t actually strayed from her forever home. We’ve more detailed information on finding the original guardians of stray animals, advertising for a home and vetting the homes you find in our Finding Homes pages.

And do check out How to Find Homes for Pets. It’s an American link but has lots of useful advice relevant to Irish rehoming including how to screen callers wanting to adopt your rescue animal (do beware of unscrupulous callers).

Lastly, it goes without saying we’d recommend neutering your rescue animal, if it’s not already neutered. And we’d advise taking it to a vet for a medical check and vaccinations.

Fair play to you for looking after the poor mite – so many wouldn’t. And good luck!

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