I’ve come across animals living in dreadful conditions – who can help?

The ISPCA is the first point of call for animal cruelty. Here’s an extract from their webpages:

The ISPCA has 5 full-time Animal Welfare Inspectors at present. The Inspectors respond to allegations of cruelty and reports of sick and injured animals in a total of 12 counties.The ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspectorate provides an extremely valuable service around the country. Our operations assist animals, members of the public and statutory bodies. ISPCA Inspectors often filter and dilute the work of Gardai and other enforcement agencies such as DAFF by initially investigating allegations of breaches of legislation and determining whether the involvement of other agencies is required. On the vast majority of occasions our officers find a solution to any problems by working with the owner of the animal(s) involved.

The public have become more aware of animal welfare and intolerant of what they perceive to be cruelty or neglect. Consequently, the volume of calls to the ISPCA has increased and continues to rise. At present, the small numbers of Inspectors we have are stretched beyond their limits and we are unable to provide a full-time presence in many areas.

In order to ensure that reports and queries from members of the public are disseminated appropriately the ISPCA operates a “National Animal Helpline 1890 515 515” at our Head Office in Keenagh, Co. Longford.

If you discover an animal in distress or want to report a case of suspected cruelty please call our National Cruelty Helpline Locall 1890 515 515.

However, animal cruelty is illegal. Your local Garda should also be informed.

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