Veterinary Council of Ireland

Veterinary Council of IrelandThe Veterinary Council of Ireland is the Statutory Body established under the Veterinary Practice Act 2005. The Veterinary Practice Act 2005 was passed in July 2005. The Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Act was passed in July 2012.

The principal function of the Council is to regulate and manage the practice of veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing in the State in the public interest.


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  1. Dear sir Madam id like to find out how i can get back to work with my small buisnes is dog walking ,dog minding but at the moement with the cov 19 im not working . ,would anybody know how i could start again . and mabe theirs some guide lines etc some advice would be great please many thanks Valerie Felton

    • Hi Valerie – just to be clear, this page is just information about VCI, not the VCI page itself. Their website link is in the details.

      In the meantime, this looks like good advice from Dogs Trust Ireland from their lockdown advice for dog guardians FAQs (

      Question: Someone else is walking my dog for me. How can I protect us both?


      Consider each individual situation and how to safeguard the person you are assisting.

      Agree the process in advance including time and duration of walk.
      Find a way to collect and return the dog securely, in a way which maintains a two-metre distance between you and negates you from having to enter the owner’s home.
      Never walk dogs from different households at the same time.
      Wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water before leaving your home.
      Wear gloves for the duration of any contact and dispose of them after use.
      Use a different lead to the owner’s.
      Don’t handle anything else, such as your phone, during any time of contact.
      Where possible, minimise touching the dog.
      Maintain your social distance while walking, keep to quiet areas and don’t allow other people or pets to come into contact with the dog.
      Wash the lead with soap and water once the dog has been returned.
      Wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water as soon as you get home.

      The Dept of Agriculture say (

      Q6. Can I exercise my companion animal outdoors if I am in an at-risk group or cocooning?

      Current HSE guidelines recommend that extremely vulnerable people cocoon by staying at home at all times and avoid face-to-face contact with others. If possible, arrange for someone else to exercise your animal in accordance with HSE guidelines within 2km of your home and maintaining a social distance of 2 metres or more from other people. You should also maintain a social distance of 2 metres of more from the person who is exercising your pet and avoid contact with equipment used to exercise the dog e.g. leash etc.

      Animals exercised outdoors under these guidelines should be kept on a leash, and faeces should be hygienically removed from the environment, as usual. You may also let your dog out to the back garden for exercise and toilet if the garden is well fenced. If your cat is usually kept indoors keep them inside and hygienically clean their litter tray regularly.

      Information specifically for dog walkers from a US organisation:

      A pdf on walking someone else’s dog from a UK organisation:

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