Some Thoughts

The second time we went trapping at the Kingston farm we found, to our horror, a wee six month old puppy kept in a coal cellar – she was only let out when the tenant had time, the farmer didn’t seem to bother about her at all. Daylight only reached her through tiny holes in the door and she had less than four foot square to move around in. And further up from the barn we found the home of the collie you see to the right – a metal door leant against an earth embankment. She’s kept here when she’s not working. A bowl is available for her outside this shelter and she’s kept on a chain. There’s no drainage and the shelter is open at both ends. It rains a lot in Ireland, in case you hadn’t heard.

The dogs didn’t look in too bad nick, unlike the kittens and cats we found, but this shelter is far from adequate. And most people with half a clue would agree it’s inhumane. But if we report the farmer for cruelty we’ll be lucky if he gets a slap on the wrists let alone any serious come back – the law here is ridiculously lax when it comes to animal rights. One person, on hearing the story, suggested kidnapping the dogs and rehoming them – but the farmer will just get more and treat them the same way. If we do report him, none of the farmers will ever want us to come to their farms to carry out a humane TNR program (in case we report them) and we’ll never get on top of the huge overpopulation of cats in West Cork – and animals will continue to live horrific lives of starvation and mistreatment.

I don’t know where to go with this. Catch 22.

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