Bruce lurvs people! In fact, he can get so excited on meeting new people that he has small accidents. Usually letting him out to do his business just before someone’s arriving sorts that out.


The first time I was with Bruce when he met another dog was at the vet’s – another dog came out the treatment room while we waited in reception and Bruce raised his hackles and growled – not a good start. As a result I’ve been careful introducing him to other dogs, but there’s been no repeat experiences. In contrast, he’s always been delighted to meet and play with my friends’ dogs and dogs we’ve encountered on walks. All in all I’d say he’s great with other dogs, but I’d be careful because of that first experience, just to be on the safe side.


I thought Bruce was great with cats when he first arrived (I mostly foster cats and have several permanent residents) – basically he completely ignored them. But after he’d had a few days to settle in he started expressing extreme interest in the cats – staring, pointing, etc. His behaviour was very worrying and I haven’t left him alone with the cats as a result. However, I think it mostly comes from jealousy (his first expression of this behaviour was towards a cat I was paying attention to). He should be fine with cats so long as an eye is kept on him initially. Tonight, as I type this, he’s lying by the fire beside Barley, a gentle little caramel girl that stays with me.

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