Soap Operas

We realised he’d never been allowed in a house before, or at least severely reprimanded when he had previously entered one. When he realised he was allowed anywhere he wanted around here he swiftly made himself at home in the comfiest spots.

He’s a strange mix with other cats – he’s absolutely nuts about Duchess and follows her everywhere like a lovesick swain (she is not entirely happy about this). And he played happily with the kittens when he was first making tentative forays to the food bowls. But he really doesn’t like Shapoloh, chases her at every opportunity and tolerates her rarely. This is especially sad as Shaps seems to rather like him (the soap opera of cat-fostering).

It took a while to name Tommy for some reason – I would have preferred to call him Romeo due to his amorous pursuit of Duchess but I was voted down.

I’ve never seen him with dogs so no idea how he gets on with them, or other animals for that matter.

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