Skrootchie 2005 – 13th Nov 2011

My Skrootchie’s kidney failure finally kicked in last week. He’d been shaky for a while and we were trying different diets to see if he would pick up again. But on Friday he went seriously downhill and tonight he was becoming distressed with no hope of improvement, and he was euthanased.

He wandered in to mine in June 2009, trying to and succeeding in attracting Xak’s attention for a bit of food. He was a mess – emaciated, worm-, flea- and lice-ridden, pillow foot, positive for FeLV … the vet wasn’t too hopeful. But he tested negative for FeLV three months later, his pillow foot was treated and effectively cured and he scoffed his face off and put on … well, in time, he put on a fair bit of weight. But the pressures his body had gone through left him with kidney failure. The vet assured me he could survive comfortably for two years or so. And it’s been two and a half years since then. So he’s had a good innings.

Skrootchie’s sorely missed, my tubby, faithful puss.

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