Seeking A Loving Home

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Well, sadly there’s been no response to Jack’s ‘Lost’ postings and there’s no sign of anyone looking for him. I find it hard to believe he isn’t lost rather than dumped, but you never know these days. He’s settled into mine grand out, has the run of the place and has been the easiest foster I’ve had in a long time – perhaps ever! He’s not afraid of anything, is gentle as a lamb, affectionate, playful, soft as butter, perfectly house trained … a dream kitten – though I confess his table manners could do with a bit of refinement.

With no sign of anyone looking for him, and the predominance of people discarding their animal companions like so much unwanted baggage these days, we have to assume he’s abandoned and start looking for a real forever home for him. I don’t think we’ll have much trouble! But I’ll be sorry to see him go.

If you lose your animal companion there’s lots you can do to find them again:

  • Microchip and collar with tag before they get lost – if Jack had been microchipped he’d be home by now
  • Neuter – neutered animals are much less likely to roam. They’re also less likely to get involved in fights that might injure them to the extent they can’t get home.
  • Call the guards and report your friend missing. Call all your local vet surgeries and do the same.
  • Put up posters and flyer your neighbourhood. Include pictures, despcription, distinguishing marks, gender, etc. Display the posters in your local vets, supermarket, pet shop, etc
  • Post your friend on lost and found sites like Munster Lost & FoundLost & Found Pets Ireland and Irish Animal Shelters Lost & Found Pets Page
  • The internet is full of useful information – search it for other ways to find your friend
  • Don’t give up!
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