Rianior & Rowan

The GangRianior (aka Reeny, male) and Rowan (female) came to us from Future Forests on 23rd December 2006. They both had cat flu and Christmas meant no heating where they were living so after the Rianior gig we popped them in a box and home they came. They almost didn’t need antibiotics – cleaning their eyes the first night just with warm water had them greatly improved by the next day – and they were fit, if somewhat skinny, in next to no time.

Both are black tabbies – we thought they were plain black at first but certain lights showed tabby markings which grew more distinct as they grew bigger. Truly beautiful cats, Rowan has only the tiniest bit of grey/white under her chin and eyes that change from green to amber depending on the light. I’ve no decent photos of her – just a blur of black with amber eyes staring out. Reeny has white nose, chest and paws and is much more photogenic.

Rianior & ShapolohOn arrival they showed absolutely no fear or wariness and settled straight into their new home. Reeny in particular is one of the friendliest kittens I’ve come across and snuggled up to anyone and everything. Note, in particular, him snuggling up to Shapoloh, our resident bad-tempered and extremely snotty black and white – absolutely unheard of!

While both thoroughly enjoy, even demand, plenty lap time they’re not always affectionate with it – more assume their right to comfy spots – and they’re not entirely keen on being picked up. However, they’re very faithful cats and follow me everywhere. Reeny has a particular fascination with the toilet flushing and will stare pointed at the flush handle waiting knowing full well that’s what gets the water flowing.




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