Jupiter, Fell, Titan & Orion

And once Jenni and I had seen the state of Goliath we knew we couldn’t leave the other kittens we’d heard about at the farm, space or no space. So we set off the week after Goliath arrived and on our first visit picked up the worst of the survivors: Fell, Titan and Orion. All were in a similar state to Goliath and they seemed to respond well to treatment, as he had done. Of all of them Fell seemed not to thrive. He was the most timid and his third eyelid had grown onto his eyeball, probably from an old untreated injury. Although the milkiness of his eyes improved there was only so far they could go. We gave them all names they could grow into. Big names for tiny creatures who must have had great strength to have survived at all.

Then another week later we packed our trapping gear and went back to the farm. The first trip we only got 4 adults. One of them was Jupiter, a nine year old female with siamese-like markings. Ashley told us Jupiter had had flu symptoms as long as they’d lived there (several years) and she’d probably had untreated flu for most of her life. When it came time to release the neutered adults we decided to keep hold of Jupiter for a wee while to treat her symptoms, thinking she’d little chance otherwise. Again she was stick thin, rheumy eyed and sneezy/snotty. She seemed feral, hissed and spat and clawed at us when we went near but Jenni persisted and she soon settled. I was amazed at the change – it’s seldom that truly feral cats will tame down but Jupiter had obviously received some kindness in her life and responded to the domestic environment – she’s now as soft as anything, if a bit bossy.

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