In Memoriam

I wrote Tommy’s story in June 2006, six months after he moved in. We’d hoped to find a caring forever home for him but at some point, without thinking about it, we stopped looking. And Tommy became a permanent resident.

Despite his initial lack of condition and thriving, he seemed to have a turnaround at some point, put on weight and condition, and developed into a healthy looking puss. We had thought the FIV would get him pretty quick but he beat it for a few years and enjoyed a pretty good life with plenty of food, affection and sunshine. What more could a cat ask for?

He visited the vet fairly frequently in the intervening years as we tried to catch any bug before it could get a grip on him. But in the winter of 2007/08 he started to go downhill. He lost weight and condition and suffered from a variety of illnesses.

At around 12pm on Friday 18th January 2008 I found a fair quantity of blood underneath him. Jenni reckoned he was going into organ failure. He became terribly distressed and we rushed to Tim O’Leary in Rosscarbery to make Tommy’s passing easier. Many thanks are due to Tim for responding to our call of distress at that time of night. Tommy was euthanased early on Saturday 19th January 2008.

I deeply regret not euthanasing Tommy sooner and saving him the horrible agonies he went through. I was due to go on a UK trip on the Monday and had hoped he would hold out, and maybe have space to recover again with less kittens in the house. That hope and, basically, my selfishness made Tommy’s last moments horrible. It’s so difficult to make that decision, but so important to make it for the cat, not for ourselves.

Tommy was a charmer. He seemed eternally grateful to have found a caring home. And he easily worked his way into a warm space in my heart. Hopefully we’ll meet again, over the Rainbow Bridge. And he’ll forgive me.

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