Goliath (pictured right)

Bob, a tenant at Kingston’s farm in the Mealagh Valley, just outside Bantry, Co Cork, was concerned about the state of the 26 cats at the farm and contacted us to see if we could help. His daughter, Ashley, was particularly concerned about the health of some of the kittens. We arranged to start a Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program but we had no room for any more kittens. Ashley insisted that at least one of the kittens was blind and I figured we could always fit one more in. She brought us Goliath at the beginning of August 2007.

I was horrified. He looked like a concentration camp survivor. Skin and bone, snotty, eyes cloudy and white with mucus. I was nearly in tears just looking at him, never seen anything like it and I’ve seen kittens in pretty bad states before. And despite all that he had a fair bit of energy in him and was the friendliest wee thing towards the other cats & kittens and us humans alike.

So we dosed him with antibiotics, treated his eyes with gel and drops, fed him up and welcomed him into our home.

We kept him in the training cage for a day or so, much to his, very vocal, disgust. And when we let him out the Furrball Purrfest was complete. The Chocolates and Banjax took him on as their own, cleaned him, snuggled up to him, played with him and purred with him.

If you haven’t gathered already, Goliath’s only real problem had been malnutrition and lack of care. He was the same age as the Chocolates and yet half their size (see his Image Gallery for pics). Sometimes their play was a bit rough for him because of their size but he held his own and protested with outraged squeals. He went from strength to strength. His body filled out, his eyes healed, becoming clear as day, no sign of the blindness that threatened when he first came.

Now Goliath loves everyone and everyone loves Goliath. A more good natured cat you’ll not find often. He’s a real gent, incredibly polite, waiting patiently while the others eat if there’s no spare food bowl – I’d wonder if that was why he was so malnourished when he turned up if other kittens hadn’t been just as skeletal.

I’m ridiculously proud of Goliath and would love to know how he gets on in the UK. If you adopt him please let me know how he fares – you’ll get my contact details at the bottom of this website – or use our contact form!

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