Ivor, a beautiful, long-haired male tabby stray, adopted a couple in West Cork for a few weeks before disappearing for ten days. He returned, skinny and dishevelled, with his left hind leg literally hanging off. Although the couple had been feeding him and were quite charmed by him he was ‘not their cat’. At least they took the time to take him to Jennifer Hedlam of West Cork Animal Welfare Group.

Jennifer is fantastic – her organisation deals mainly with dogs, and she has taken on most of our rescue dogs and rehomed them. In exchange, we take the cats she finds on her hands. Ivor was such a cat.

Jennifer arranged for Ivor to be checked by a local vet. His leg couldn’t be saved and, since it was quite a major op, he wasn’t neutered at the time. It was a beautiful job though, and the vet was very taken with our Ivor – he is a complete charmer! So Ivor went back to Jennifer’s and thence to us on Tues 1st June.

He was a bit confused and sad on arrival – he knew something was wrong and certainly missed his leg. It’s so moving watching him go to scratch his left ear – poor wee thing! And he was terribly clingy, climbing onto our laps and wailing to get on if he couldn’t reach. He’s extremely verbal – letting us know when he’s hungry or wants attention with great gusto. So I texted Jenni telling her how desperate he was for attention and saying it was a shame he wasn’t a girl because we could call him Ivy – clingy! And she texted back ‘Ivor’. Then ‘Ivor reason to be clingy’. And I – ‘Ivor Loudmouth’. And she replied ‘Ivor reason to be verbal’. So he’s called Ivor ‘something’, but we haven’t decided what yet – though we’ve had some fun coming up with several other last names!!

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