Animal Advocacy

In the autumn of 2009 my mum had died unexpectedly, just a month before she was due to move over here. I was devastated on so many levels. Words can’t express.

Not long after, RAWR started heading in a different direction from my original vision. Large scale targeted trapping in West Cork came off the agenda and the focus turned to localised TNR, neutering vouchers for companion animals, inevitable fostering and rehoming and the humungous task of fundraising generally. RAWR’s remit was primarily TNR and my other animal welfare work (UK cat trips, fostering and rehoming, networking, information provision) were encroaching on my time, meaning I spent less time on the voluntary work RAWR needed from me. By May 2011, after working on RAWR for over two years, I had to regretfully step back from the organisation and I left that month.

I carried on fostering, rehoming, transporting animals around Ireland and to the UK for rehoming, TNRing, networking and providing information. And I’d been meaning to set up webpages to support my voluntary work for a not insignificant while. But I never seemed to quite get round to it. I called myself Animal Advocacy. And I worked with a variety of animal welfare organisations including AHAR, Almost Home, ARC, Community Cats Network, Cork CAT, CSPCA, Feral Cats Ireland, KLAWS Kerry, Limerick Feral Cats, RAWR,, SNIP and WCAWG.


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