All these cats are lucky to be alive and deserve the best homes. They get on well with other cats but are timid with strange two-legs – and who can blame them? I’ve had them for a long time now and am still shocked when I look back over these pages at the pictures of the state they were in when they arrived. The deaths of Orion and Titan still sadden me and I feel impotent fury towards the farmer who walked past these walking skeletons every day and made no move of compassion.

They all get on well with other cats and Jupiter, Fell and Goliath in particular adopted and cared for two wee kittens we took in recently, Fell perhaps most of all.

I’m sorry this story has been so long (normally I write less than an A4 page for a family) but I can’t tell one bit without the rest and I’d like you to know how special these kittens are and how proud of them we are and how much I love them (tacky but true, had to say it).

If you adopt any of these kittens please care for them well and let me know how they fare!

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