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The most EPIC reply to the ‘if you don’t treat my pet for free then you don’t love animals’ argument courtesy of Dr. Virginia DeChant:

I’m sorry so-and-so, but I cannot help you. You see, I’m one of those veterinarians who only works because I love animals.

I didn’t charge for anything. I did everything because the babies needed me. Then, my staff left me because they didn’t love animals enough, and wouldn’t accept puppies as paychecks. Then, the big, bad government got mad because I wouldn’t pay taxes. I tried offering them kittens, but those bastards wouldn’t accept them. I used expired and discarded drugs, cause I could get them for free. When one of my patients had a bad reaction to an expired drug, they took my license. Then,when my own precious angel got sick, I went out and got a job and worked hard, and PAID MY BILL!


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