Dunmanway Mountain Kittens Arrival

*** REHOMED ***

The farmer brought these six three-month-old kittens in to Brookpark Vets in Dunmanway to have them all killed. He’s going to bring in two adults to have them killed – to control the population of cats at his farm. Killing is preferable to neutering for him – go figure. To see why TNR is preferable to killing see our Scientific Studies section.

We shouldn’t have taken them in. We’re just encouraging him not to neuter. But we did. And, guess what? They’re looking for their forever homes 🙂

All grey and white, all most beautimous, three girls, three boys, lil bit of flu kicking about but it’s being treated and should clear up quick enough. Five are neutered and sporting the latest in feral fashion – the eartip. Scree was too fluey to be neutered, but her time will come.

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