*** DRUMROLL ***

Okay folks!!! *** BIG DRUMROLL *** *lil twirl* *raises top hat* As part of National Feral Cats Awareness week 2014 *cymbols CLASH* we’d like to introduce to you *stray cat caterwaul chorus* the launch of the Fantastic *applause* the Magnificent *enthusiastic applause* the Fantabulous *thunderous applause* TNR MANUAL for IRELAND!!!! *the crowd goes WIIIIILLLLLLD* 

Download it here (7.7 Mb):

The TNR Manual for Ireland

*** Please NOTE: the links in the manual are NOT yet live on Feral Cats Ireland (FCI), but they are on this site – replace any FCI link with animaladvocacy.ie/[page name] ***

Update February 2015 – you can view the manual online here: 

Presented for your delectation by Feral Cats Ireland to publicise, educate, enable and inspire TNR projects around Ireland. The TNR Manual for Ireland is also available for download on Feral Cats Ireland site and, as I type, FCI’s new website is being designed. When completed it will host the expanded, web-based, aspect of the Manual. For the moment you’ll find the links here (see below) – we couldn’t wait any longer to launch it, hence the fudge, lol.

Please let us know what you think (constructively). There are a few updates to be made on the web as it’s a while since it was first written.

The guts of the text was yoinked from Alley Cat Allies (our American gurus) and translated to be appropriate for Ireland by Animal Advocacy *lil top hat modest bow* The design of the manual and the webpages-to-come are funded by DoneDeal Petaware project. The design itself was by Jo of NNAD – and we are immensely grateful to her for the time and expertise she’s put into it – it’s gorgeous!


Okay, okay, so I’ve posted this before – but this is the *** FINAL *** Fantabulous version!!!!!

Short Links

The short links referred to in the Manual itself are not yet live on Feral Cats Ireland’s site. They are, however, available here, on Animal Advocacy. Simply replace any FCI link with animaladvocacy.ie/[page name]

For example: for the link feralcatsireland.org/kittenmortality, instead use animaladvocacy.ie/kittenmortality and you will be redirected to the information.

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