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*** REHOMED ***

Introducing … *very impressive drum roll for a very impressive cat* … MIDNIGHT!!!!!

Midnight is a young neutered male Persian. He’s so LUSH! Haven’t had a pedigree in my house before. I bow before him (though check the caveat at the end).

He’s just a baby – one and a half years, and his birthday is 6th April 2012, which makes him a lil Aries I think. His guardian has had two children since she adopted him. This caused his stomach to upset and he’s currently on a gastroenteritis diet. He wanted out basically – who wants to live with two icky kids when you’re destined for a lifestyle of luxury? His stomach troubles may clear up with a new home – they’re only recent – but they may not, so anyone interested in adopting him has to be aware he may need a special diet for life.

Midnight is fully vaccinated and neutered. His people haven’t been looking after him very well and he needs a groom – and maybe some shaving (photos guaranteed if that happens!). Do be aware that cats like Midnight need regular grooming to prevent matting. They’re gorgeous companions but they come with a price – care and attention!

Personalitywise Midnight is a total babe. He gets on well with the other kittens in my care – and seems to be taking on a fatherly role with the two new girls, Dana and Janine (story to come). My Moe was gobsmacked by him and still isn’t quite sure what this enormous hairy thing is all about. He’s very placid, loves showing you his tummy and seems to enjoy a brush. He loves attention and follows me around where possible. A very direct gaze and somewhat chatty, this guy will be a great addition to any household. His only downside – *whispers* he may be a bit of a snob. But we’re working on that.

I’m fostering Midnight for KLAWS, and he has five companions who are also looking for a home. I’ll be writing about Dana and Janine next, and you’ve already read about the succulent Sooty, mischievous Maggie and fabulous Flame. Contact me or KLAWS if you’d like to know more about any of these delicious felines.

Caveat: I do have to add that neither I, nor any well informed animal welfare individual, approves of any form of breeding in Ireland, pedigree or otherwise. It’s estimated over 300,000 kittens are born in Ireland every year. Of those 180,000 kittens die before they are 4 months old. Until the overpopulation problem is under control there’s no excuse to breed more cats. See Kitten Mortality to find out more.

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