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Anna wrote to me, asking for help, saying,

I started looking for homes for my 3 cats at the beginning of March. We have to leave our home and I am devastated to have to rehome them. They are my babies.

Anna’s babies are Fluff, Sock and Whitey and she told me all about them. If you think you could find room in your heart and home for any one of them please do get in touch with Anna as soon as possible. They are currently located in Dublin, but are brave wee things and are willing to travel to find their forever homes.

Contact Anna on 085 112 6153

Meet Whitey


The big white cat with black spots is a neutered Tom called Whitey. He has lived with us for 2 years but was originally a feral. He is a gentle giant. Just a big softie. He is a house cat now. He can be nervous, but when he gets to know you he just wants to snuggle up with you. He loves his grub.

Introducing Sock


The little girl with the white socks and chin is called Sock. Our neighbours didn’t want her so she moved in with us over 2 years ago. She is very small and cuddly and just wants to sleep on your lap. She likes to be able to come in and go out. She has a gas personality and likes to play. She is good with kids. Sock has been spayed.

Ohai to Fluff


Fluff is the most recent addition after a neighbour moved away before Christmas and left her behind. She is extremely well behaved and very clean. She is spayed. She spends most of her time indoors but likes to potter about for a little while outside. She is a real lap cat too. Sock and Whitey are used to each other. Fluff likes to be by herself and can feel a bit threatened by other cats. Otherwise, she is very easy to care for.

None of the cats need to be homed together.

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