12 Days Old

Tracey, the lady who asked for help for the Hole in the Wall Gang, thought they’d been born either Wednesday 15th or Thursday 16th May 2013. So they were around four or five days old when I picked them up in Clonakilty. This Monday they were around 12 days old. And I visited Carla, their fosterer, and took a few pics and a video. The gang are doing well and putting on weight pretty much according to plan. Nearly everyone’s eyes are open apart from Hawker (but that’s nothing to worry about), and they’re wibbly wobbling around, mostly in circles, and exploring their limited environment – not quite big enough to be able to find their way out of the hospital cage yet.

We’ve started some pages with information on what to do if you find feral kittens, how to raise neonatal kittens (find them a nursing mum is the best bet) and kitten development generally. They’re still in progress, but worth a look if you’d like to know more. See our Kittens Guide.

The Gang are being fostered for Cork CAT. We’ll keep ye posted on the development of the Hole in the Wall Gang and how they and their mum, Mitra, are getting along. Watch this space!

Day 12 Gallery

Twelve-Day-Old Kittens Hasin a Stroll

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  5. Have emailed ye Jessica – sry, took me a wee while to sort out how the comments worked – you’re my first comment!

  6. Are the kittens looking for a home? My family and I looking for a kitten and would like give one of the kitten a good home. Please contact when possibly. Thanks Jessica

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