David Bagglioni

Meet Dave, our new arrival. He’s a little bit worried he’ll have difficulty finding a forever home because he’s black and he’s FIV positive. I’m trying to reassure him that he’s so adorable neither should be a problem.

Firstly, Black Is Beautimous! And he IS a most beautimous cat.

And, secondly, he’s a very healthy FIV positive neutered male. He could just have two years ahead of him, but he could just as easily have ten, before the lowered immunity that FIV brings with it kicks in. What he needs is a home that’s prepared to take him to a vet at the first signs of illness – and he’s the chance of living a long and happy life. He’d be most grateful! More information on FIV is here. Do note there’s a lot of misinformation around about FIV – find out the facts!

Dave came from Mallow – he’s been a stray for the past wee while, living off the generosity of householders. But when the area he frequented was marked for demolition he got a bit worried. Sara, from SNIP, took him in and he’s come down to me to live with my FIVs until he finds his forever home.


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