Cork CAT Cittens

I had a furr-ball when Larry and I visited Cork last week. I stayed with Ann from Cork CAT for two nights and Larry stayed with us for one and at Gilabbey for one (see his story here).

And while I was there I got to play with … wait for it, wait for it … KITTENS!!! I only take in vaccinated kittens for fostering these days, so never get to play with smallies – and these guys were totally doralicious. All colours, all temperaments – just lots and lots of fab kittens.

I took some pics while I was there – who could resist? Some of these guys have homes to go to soon, others don’t … and there’s even more kittens who didn’t get their pictures taken looking for their forever homes.

So, if you’re looking for a new companion, look no further! Cork CAT have all the rescue kittens you could wish for. Get in touch with Cork CAT if you’d like to know more about these adobtable bundles of fun and snorgles – phone or text Ann on 086 828 1461 for more information.


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