Carson Wants His Mom

*** REHOMED ***

Had an exciting morning this morning!!! Bantry market day – prime day for folk dumping their animals. We’ll catch ye doing it one day and ye’ll be fined and possibly imprisoned – it’s illegal. And it’s illegal for a reason – this story may have a happy ending, but that’s not the case for most dumped animals – most die because they can’t look after themselves. Dumping is cruel, as well as illegal.

Anyway, got a call from Jen around ten this morning. Bantry resident, Irene, had called her, reporting a teeny kitten miaowing in the private carpark behind Bantry cinema. She couldn’t catch the wee, scared thing, but had left him refreshments, and us a towel and torch (very enterprising lady!). She’d first seen him just outside the carpark, but he ran away from her, headed in there and crammed himself under a car somewhere – but nowhere visible! Jen was stuck at work so off I headed, carpark code at the ready thanks to Irene.

And I could hear him as soon as I stepped out the van, “Mooooooooooooom!”. Poor wee mite, either dumped or carried in in a car engine, he was scared out of his tiny wits. So I hop into the carpark, automatic lighting very handy, find the car no bother thanks to the wee “I’m heeeeeeeeeeeere” that’s echoing around. And wouldn’t he be under the car with the lowest chassis in the world? Natch. So me and my fresh, clean clothes get thoroughly dusted as I scrabble around under the vehicle, trying to find where the noise is coming from, very grateful for the torch Irene left.

And there’s a wee ginger furry paw sticking out of the most awkward spot imaginable. And then a wee, scared, mucky face. And then a wee bum as he backs away. So I get the food out and balance it near him, and sure enough he pops out for a scoff. But backs away when my hand approaches. And then makes a run for it. Rats. I manoeuvre him back under the same car (meant to get him somewhere more accessible, but what can ye do?) and put a cat basket with food in beside it, in the vague hope of tempting him in there.

Then Irene arrives and we have a wee confab about What To Do Next. This time when I scramble under the car I find him in a space with two openings – and as one hand approaches his wee furry face, he backs into the other aaaaaaaaaaaaand … We Got Him! Straight in the basket. And straight to Jen. Still miaowing for his mum, bless him.

So, little Carson, all mucky from his adventures, is safe at the vets. He’ll probably be looking for his new home straight away but, in the meantime, he’ll be vet checked to be sure he’s in good health (looks like he is so fingers crossed). He’s a wee ginger boy, around eight weeks old, and probably only just separated from his mum. So he needs some reassurance. I got lots of snorgles once he’d calmed down a bit and he looks like he’s a total sweetie.

Big thx go to Irene for reporting Carson, so many wouldn’t.

If you’re interested in homing Carson, get in touch with Jen on 085 774 3548, or email her.

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